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What is Wholesale Broking?

A wholesale broker does not deal directly with the general public or insured parties. Instead, wholesale brokers act as an intermediary between a retail broker and their client, who is looking for insurance.  As a wholesale broker, Bollington Underwriting has no direct contact with the insured; this relationship is managed by the retail broker, who in effect is selling the insurance to their client.

Bollington Underwriting has a direct relationship with insurance companies in placing the business, where retail brokers who we deal with –  who are looking to place these risks – do not. In effect, this means that a retail broker who has been approached for an insurance quotation for a specific product – e.g. taxi fleet insurance – can still sell this product to their client, even if they don’t have access to an insurer for this type of business, by using the services of Bollington Underwriting to obtain the quotation.

As Bollington has been trading for many years and is part of an overall operation that writes gross written premium in the region of £100m, we are able to gain access to markets where some retail brokers may otherwise struggle to place business, particularly for more specialist risks such as care and charity and agricultural vehicles.

If you are a member of the public, or a business, who is looking to obtain insurance, you may wish to refer to our retail broking division, Bollington Insurance Brokers, who may be able to help you dependent upon the type of insurance you require.

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