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Goods in Transit Insurance

Many companies and local authorities insist on couriers having Goods in Transit cover in place. Our Goods in Transit policy offers quality cover to meet your client’s needs.

Our competitive goods in transit policy has a range of benefits:

  • Up to £50,000 cover for any one event
  • £250,000 limit across multiple vehicles (up to 5)
  • £10m employers’ liability cover and £5m public liability cover
  • Cover for individual goods up to £1,000 value
  • Cover for personal effects of the driver up to £200
  • Cover against consequential losses up to £50,000 (if items not delivered correctly)
  • Cover for travel to Western Europe (under CMR conditions)
  • 30% commission – processed via our broker portal

How do I arrange Goods in Transit Insurance for my client?

Our underwriting team are on hand to provide a tailored quote for your client or provide advice in choosing the cover to suit their needs.

If your client has 6 or less vehicles to cover:

If your client has more than 6 vehicles to cover:

  • Call us on 01625 854368. We’re open Monday – Friday: 8:30am – 5:30pm.

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